What is thriller.com?

Thriller.com is operated by Thriller Web Solutions Limited, a company registered in Cyprus under the Companies Law, with registration number HE 380610   The registered office is at 1 Manis Street, Flat 301, 8020, Paphos, Cyprus.  

Thriller.com is an online platform that offers a transparent and a fair service to anyone that wishes to run online contests or competitions. Thriller.com introduces a new dimension to online shopping for buyers. This is the odds dimension, which allows buyers to claim a product through the participation to online contests. The thriller.com model implements a pay-to-participate-by-odds policy. The chances of claiming a product or a service are offered to buyers in the form of online tickets (or vouchers). According to the purchasing capabilities of a buyer an increased probability of success is exchanged accordingly to the risk the buyer is willing to take. 

How do I enter/where can I buy tickets?  

Choose the item you would like to win and click "Buy Tickets", then fill in your details, and click "Proceed to Checkout" at the bottom of the page. This will take you to our secure payment gateway, PayPal. Follow the simple on-screen steps and away you go! Now sit back and relax, you are now in the contest to win your desired item! Best of luck! 

How many tickets can I buy?  

There is currently no limit in the number of tickets per participant, for each contest. 

How much is it to enter?  

Ticket prices depend on the type and value of the item in the contest. Sellers set up the prices.

Will I get a receipt of my purchase?  

Once the purchase of tickets is completed, a confirmation of your order / contest entry will be instantly emailed to your address, and made available on your online account in Thriller.  Click on “My Draws”, then “Invoices”, make sure that the ”as Buyer” tab is selected.

Why do you charge a transaction fee?  

Transaction fees are non-refundable and they are applied by the payment services currently used by thriller.com. We are working towards removing or minimizing the transaction fees for future contests.

Why there are different draw options?

The Draw option is used by the platform to decide if the actual draw will start or will be cancelled and when. Currently there are 3 different Draw options: Start the draw regardless number of participations, Start the draw only when the total number of participations is met and Start the draw only when the total number of participations is met regardless end date.

For more details on Draw Options please view the Terms and Conditions section.   

How is the winner decided?

Depending on the Draw Option the platform decides if the actual draw will start or will be cancelled and when. In the event that a draw will run Thriller.com algorithmically assigns a unique identification number to each ticket. A random number generator is used to choose the winner of each contest.  Thriller.com monitors the process and ensures transparency and fairness of the process. The winner of each contest is then published on the Website for transparency.  

How do I know this is legitimate?  

Thriller.com is the Cyprus first item Competition Platform and Thriller Web Solutions LTD is a Cyprus registered company. All sellers are ID checked of being real people.  The funds are not collected by Thriller directly but they are held in Paypal. No funds are released to the seller before thriller.com receives a confirmation from the winner that the item has been sent over to the winner. 

What if tickets remain unsold and the competition reaches closing date?  

In cases where a competition fails to complete because a percentage of the tickets remained unsold then thriller.com will return the money for each ticket back to each participant. Ticket price will be returned to your PayPal account and not the transaction fees. You will then have the choice to participate to another competition or withdraw the money back to your card. 

Can the team behind thriller.com run competitions?  

Thriller.com only provides a service to host and successfully run competitions ensuring fairness and transparency. All competitions are organised by independent individuals or retailers that have no relation to thriller.com.